class SyncData(accountID)

There is only one SyncData instance per account which contains all relevant information regarding an ongoing sync.


Getter for the AccountData() instance of the account being currently synced.


Getter for the FolderData() instance of the folder being currently synced. Can be null if no folder is being synced.


Getter for an EventLogInfo() instance with all the information regarding this SyncData instance.


Gets the current syncstate and its timestamp of the ongoing sync. The returned Object has the following attributes:

  • state : the current syncstate
  • timestamp : its timestamp
Returns:Object – The syncstate and its timestamp.

Getter for the ProgressData() instance of the ongoing sync.


Sets the syncstate of the ongoing sync, to provide feedback to the user. The selected state can trigger special UI features, if it starts with one of the following prefixes:

  • send., eval., prepare. : The status message in the UI will be appended with the current progress stored in the ProgressData() associated with this SyncData instance. See SyncData.progressData().
  • send. : The status message in the UI will be appended by a timeout countdown with the timeout being defined by Base.getConnectionTimeout().
  • state (string) – A short syncstate identifier. The actual message to be displayed in the UI will be looked up in the string bundle of the provider associated with this SyncData instance (Base.getStringBundleUrl()) by looking for syncstate.<state>. The lookup is done via getString(), so the same fallback rules apply.